Microdosing and Pupil Dilation

One of the worries you might have when microdosing is pupil dilation (also known as: mydriasis). Are my pupils dilating more than usual? Are people going to notice that I’m using drugs? In general, it is hard to give an answer to this, because it will depend on the person. Some people experience pupil dilation more often, and more noticeably, than others.

You might have an idea of how sensitive you are to pupil dilation. However, for most people, pupil dilation should not be a major issue when microdosing. Especially if you stick to the recommended dosages for microdosing, pupil dilation should not be a problem.

So up to what dosage is pupil dilation minimized?

For LSD, users report microdoses of 10-20μg are totally fine and that you should not experience any pupil dilation. Above 20μg it might start be noticeable for some people, but in general up to 40μg should be fine without major pupil dilation.

For psilocybin (magic mushrooms), users report that 0.2 – 0.3 grams of dried magic mushrooms is fine, and that it generally doesn’t cause (significant) pupil dilation. From 0.3-0.5 grams you should probably run some tests on yourself to see if your pupils dilate or not. Above 0.5 grams and you’ve already left microdosing territory.

While a clear answer of pupil dilation when microdosing will depend on the person, it should not be a major issue. My recommendation would be to try a microdose during the weekend first, and see if you – and others – notice any pupil dilation throughout the day.

In the end: So what?

But what to do when people ask about dilated pupils? What if someone notices when I’m on a microdose?

In all honesty, there are many, many reasons why pupils might be dilated. If someone notices that your pupils are dilated you can give them any of the following reasons:

– It’s a side effect of “medication.” Many medicines have pupil dilation as a side effect, so why not just say you’re on medication? Nobody needs to know what on, or what for, but it will often stop them from asking further questions.

– Tell them you have large or sensitive pupils in general. Some people just have the genetics that makes them dilate more often.

– Alternatively, you can blush and giggle, and tell them that you secretly have a crush on them…

But in all seriousness, how often do you consciously look at people’s pupils anyway? I doubt you would notice slight pupil dilation in the people you’re talking to. Most people are so focused on other things, that small details like this are completely invisible to them.

It’s a little bit like waking up with a hangover and thinking: “God, I can’t believe I said those things last night.” But how often do you wake up with a hangover and think: “God, I can’t believe he/she said those things last night.” The answer for most people: never. We focus on and worry about ourselves so much that we rarely notice these things in other people.

So: pupil dilation is not something I would personally worry about when microdosing. For most people it won’t happen, for some people their pupils might dilate slightly, and for a very small group of people it will be obvious.  Try to test if your pupils dilate when microdosing, but remember that people in general are not very observant and nobody will most likely notice if it happens.

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