I’m not sure where I heard  the term “microdosing” the first time, but it sparked my interest immediately. In the past I’ve had several experiences with  psychedelics – mostly psilocybin – that had a profound effect on me. The trips itself were a wonderful experience: the feeling of connectedness, the sense of exploration, the emotions, the intensity, the fun, the energy; they were all were a blast. But what was perhaps more interesting was my mindset and outlook that changed after the trip. For days, weeks, or even months I could feel that I was a slightly different person. I felt more connected to the things around me. I felt better emotionally, less cynical, and I was more productive and creative.

As time went on I wanted to get these results, but without the full-blown effects of a normal dose of LSD or psilocybin. The experience of a full dose are profound, but they also take a lot of  energy and time, and require a certain set and setting. Besides, I found it difficult to take all the benefits back to “reality.”

At the same time, trying to combine regular life (with work, family, friends & hobbies) and psychedelics can be difficult. So while I still take a normal dose from time to time, microdosing is what I focus on now. It solves a lot of the above issues: I still feel productive, creative, energetic, more connected. But it doesn’t have the downsides of a normal dose.

The Site

Psychedelics, and microdosing in particular, unfortunately suffer from a lack of scientific investigation. It is difficult to conduct research on pyschedelics and its effects. Partly due to the legal status of the substances, but also partly due to the social stigma attached to it.

So if we know little about psychedelics, we know even less about microdosing. What are the optimal dosages? Usage patterns? The exact effects? Long-term consequences? We simply do not know.
There are several online communities and a lot of user reports, but it is almost all anecdotal.

On the positive side, we can see some signs of hope emerging. In the scientific community there is more interest in the topic. Internet users are exchanging more information and reports. And more people are willing to self-experiment and be their own guinea pig.

This website is my contribution to this. I have experienced the positive effects of psychedelics and microdosing. And I feel I can help others in their journey. There are a lot of potential benefits and for a lot of different people. Not just people who suffer from a condition, but especially “regular Joes;” people who want to try and improve their life.

I realize that there is still a long journey ahead. There are the legal issues, the social stigma, and general skepticism. However, by documenting my experience and research I hope I can help this process. The information on this website is not developed with a specific purpose, except to help interested people with their own journey. Hopefully it will help others to see the benefits and impact microdosing can have on their lives.

The Author

I consider myself to be a forward thinker and open-minded person. I have experience with several psychedelics, and I have been microdosing for several years now. Not all the time, not on a schedule, but  whenever I felt it was necessary. I have seen the  benefits it can offer, and I want to help others achieve the same  effects. Partly by documenting my experience and partly by offering information.

Due to the legality and stigma of the topic I have decided to write anonymously. Hopefully there will be a point in the future when this is not necessary anymore. Where research on psychedelics is possible, and where we can discuss microdosing openly.

Unless otherwise stated, the information on this website is written by me. Some of  content has been created in collaboration with others. Credit is given where deserved, if the co-authors so wish.


This website is for informational purposes only. None of the  information presented here constitutes medical or legal advice as such. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any drugs,  medicines or other substances. Please be aware that the legal status of  some of the substances mentioned on this website differ per country.  Always check and follow the regulations in your home country or state.