Experience Psychedelics in New Ways...

Psychedelics are an excellent way to experience the world from a new perspective and to reflect on yourself. But psychedelics, like LSD or magic mushrooms, are also very disruptive. Think: hallucinations and trips that last many hours. Using these substances requires a certain set and setting, something that can be difficult in everyday life.

However, more and more users are finding that there is another way to use psychedelics: microdosing.

Microdosing means taking a tiny amount of a psychedelic, and staying below the “psychedelic”  threshold. At the same time, you continue with your every day life: work, exercise, family, friends, hobbies. Done correctly, a microdose does not interfere, but adds value to these activities.

So what’s the point of microdosing?

Users report that it increases their general well-being, cognitive powers, emotional state, productivity, creativity, and "everyday connectedness" to the things around you. This is not surprising. Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD, already said that the greatest use of LSD would be with small dosages (as an euphoriant or antidepressant). It turns out he was right! Although these benefits are individual, more and more people vouch for them.

This website documents the information, research, and describes our  personal experiences. Hopefully this will help others to  experiment and experience the benefits of microdosing.

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